2011 has been the year to beat for reality TV with no surprise that Jersey Shore's Season 4 topped the rank. But who was second or third or fourth for that matter? MTV premiered a number of outstanding hits this year with Awkward, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom and The Challenge. Who was on your radar according to MTV Europe this year? We looked back at our stats and came up with the clear and somewhat surprising winners.

Almost outside of rank RJ's particular and quirky highschool antics with his sidekick Miles just didn't ring that true with fans. Whether its the specific Americanism in the high school or the geeked out superhero that is somewhat unbelievable (name the last time the geeky guy got the hottest girl in school?) RJ had its moments looking for sexual inuendos to push it over the top however in Europe's case it was a bit of a letdown.

Another highschool drama, this story of Jenna and the apparent suicide turned fame gives us a great look on teh quirks of life from the seemingly shy and dysfunctional. While I loved this show and am sure we will see another season, fans still aren't waving any flags for it.!

If you like to party then you loved this show. Decidedly the underdog, we have to let you know that "Adam" of the Rainforest and his temper tantrum ways scored as the NUMBER 2 episode just behind...we'll tell you later. It beat out Jersey Shore, the VMA's, EMA's hands down. Surprisingly, fans kept coming back to it week after week which is why we left it up in our Exclusive spot for so long. Featuring stories from around the world parties that are above and beyond most people's means, the international flair really connected with our MTV Europe crowed. Although it scored an 8 it should have been about #2!

Another surprise shocker of the spring as Paris' episode 1 took the NUMBER 1 spot for most views for 2011! We found out that fashion conscious behaviour is a big plus for MTV Europe fans. While whisking around the high rises and boutiques of Dubai, Paris took everyday ordinary expats and put them through her skill testing sessions which often resulted in cat fights and self imposed time-outs. What fashion or behaviour tips did you love about this show?

Plain Jane took us from drab to dazzling, from boring to bling, from shy-centered to so freakin' hot. We have to admit that we love Louise Roe. She's great in front of the camera, sweet, extremely sexy and yet in control of it all We first saw her in "The City" as a fashion reporter from London, however this year she was large enough to become an inside reporter for the Europe Movie Awards. It's a story we all love, have a little courage, accept a little help, work hard and in the end go for it. That with a multi-million dollar budget for spellbinding backdrops and you have Plain Jane.

what's not to like about this world class one night show. This year we thrilled audiences from Belfast with the likes of Coldplay, Selena Gomez, LMFAO and the naked guy. An all out entertainment package, personally one of my favorite moments was the kid in the hood promo from Selena. Rating at number 5 for a 1 night show in the entire year tells us just how popular it is - thank you Europe.

We are somewhat surprised how much Teen Mom and the next slot, 16 & Pregnant are in the top 5. Not because it's not a great show, but because we hope the circumstance of Teenage Pregnancy isn't also in the Top 5 demographics. The message is strong and clear and gives a glimpse into reality how one seemingly small act can change your life and the lives of people around you forever. Deadly serious, we live through the good, the bad andthe ugly. There's always hope and we praise the strength and perseverance of the cast - bravo.

3) 16 & PREGNANT
Juston the heels of Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant was MTV's flagship gamble about such a contemporary subject. MTv Europe fans have embraced this universal topic clearly seeing parallels that are not restricted to a US produced show.

At number 2, it's no small feat to have a one night show end up this popular for the entire year of 2011. Who can blame success with the likes of Lady Gaga becomeing a man, or Beyonce showing off her baby bump with Love On Top. A chilling and heartfelt tribute to the late Amy Winehouse plus fantastic performances and background by the beautiful and bold Brit Jessie J who performed from a chair. Lastly, Adele did what she does best pouring her emotions through all of us. Makes us wonder why it wasn't No. 1 - ..oh we know why...

..because it's T-Shirt time baby!! The number one show for MTV in history and MTV Europes number 1 watched show online, Jersey Shore presented two seasons this year with sparkling drama, behind the counter and bushes toilet breaks, drunken mayhem, car crashes and epic battles. Coming LIVE from Jersey Shore and Florence Italy the crew went above and beyond insanity for reality TV. Still going strong, Jersey Shore will present its 5th season in March of 2012. GTL baby, GTL.

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