Jessie J has chosen 'extreme' for her latest video "Wild" sporting a bald head and mostly skimpy lingerie.

Known for her flare for wild clothes and outfits, British pop star Jessie J puts fashion in reverse to give fans something they don't see very often - her skin.

The video starts with the "Price Tag" star walking in heels toward the screen stage where she pulls off her shirt and throws it aside revealing a long legged model in super heels, full hip underwear and a very skimpy bra amidst an ocean of white background.

She has a number of costume changes which are more or less revealing, particularly a leopard print body suit which may be cloth or just naked body paint - can't tell.

The song also features UK hip hop biggies Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal throwin down verse with our lingerie lady in the back.

The video is one of J's most revealing fitting well with the "Wild Theme" however it still begs the question does mainstream music always have to feature so much female skin?

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