Gaga teased us a few weeks ago with a sneak peak at her Marry The Night video and warned us it would be the longest we’ve seen from her yet and being Gaga she has lived up to her word with this 14 minute music video.

The video directed by the Born This Way star herself tells the story of the day she was dropped by her record label.

Speaking to US E Entertainment she said "It was one of the worst days of my life and it happened quite quickly, but in my mind, when I think back on that period of my life, it all happened very slow."

"That's probably the most honest moment in that video of everything I've ever done. My directorial decision was for them to just f***ing roll the cameras, because I couldn't go in and out of the moment."

"It is my personal way of seeing things. If you give up after something like that, you were never destined to be an entertainer."She added.

The video starts with an unconscious Gaga being rolled on a hospital bed through the corridors by two hot nurses. The story then very slowly begins to unravel and when I say slowly I mean slllllowwwwlyyyy!!!

Gaga narrates a monologue, where she says that she loathes reality......

Well this video is far from real and is very dark and grim to say at the least. The first thing that comes to mind is a combination of the movie ‘Black Swan’ alongside some of the fiercest and most disturbing horror movies.

We see multiple characters from Gaga to include a ballerina, a psycho rock chick who does some bizarre choreography both in the studio and on the streets, we also see Gaga as trailer trash and a naked disturbed gal in a bath tub amongst other snappy personalities which take to the scene.

She maybe plain crazy but you have to give to Gaga for being original and managing to send out a fairly strong message: 'don't give up if you believe you can do something'.

Do you think the video is too long?

Lady Gaga: 'Marry The Night' Stills

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