Madonna's latest "Masterpiece" is one of the most beautiful love ballads from the Queen of Pop in a long time.

Leaked recently online, "Masterpiece" is Madonna's latest single which will feature in her upcoming film W.E. - a story about love, vulnerability, passion and the difficulty of staying true to oneself. The film is about the celebrated romance between King Edward VIII and the twice divorced Mrs Wallis Simpson which causes a constitutional crisis when Edward decides to abdicate the throne for love.

The song doesn't follow Madonna's usual style of sexy, energetic and mischievious, rather it shows Madge's wisdom of naked beauty with stripped down vocals, strong penned lyrics and haunting melodies. The song feels like a secret dance at a masquerade ball where both dancers are fully captivated yet completely oblivious to who the other person is and what they are capable of.

“If you were the Mona Lisa / You’d be hanging in the Louvre / Everyone would come to see you / You’d be impossible to move / It seems to me / It’s what you are / A raring prize / This work of art / You stay behind / A velvet rope,” she sings in the opening verse of the song.

The song continues to talk about the pain of love and why it is like a masterpiece in it's emotion, it's creation and it's finality - impossible love leads you through the torrents of impossible places.

The single will debut on Madonna's newest album which is due out in early 2012 with expected collaborations of Nick Minaj, MIA and more. Madonna's last album was Hard Candy released in 2008 which she took on the Sticky and Sweet Tour that went on to be the highest grossing for 2008-09.

Are you a hopeless romantic that can fall into this song?



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