It's likely you've heard of Miley Cyrus long before you ever checked out the music of Macklemore & Lewis.

At the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, it became very apparent very quickly Miley Cyrus' revealing two piece latex body condom would circulate the globe several times on Twitter before Macklemore & Lewis' "Same Love" performance even took off the ground.

Miley's most recent single "We Can't Stop" has garnered over 155 million views in just over two months while M&L's "Same Love" has just managed 72 million in 11 months (12 times less/month). On MTV Europe in just two days after the show, Cyrus' performance with Robin Thicke had out numbered M&L's by a margin of 6:1.

It's clear most of society isn't ready to embrace the challenging message Macklemore & Lewis portray with Gay rights in their video for "Same Love." The majority of society, by the numbers, feel all too easy about getting sexy, getting loud, being how they want and rocking out in their own corner.

Whereas, Macklemore & Lewis' moment in the spotlight with the piercing voices of Mary Lambert and special guest Jennifer Hudson make a call to something much deeper in us.

Gay Rights may be at the forefront of marriage equality - it's also a torch, this decade, to recognize our need to give attention and love to everything. It's a visual reminder of our judgements, prejudices, fears and difficulties voicing the uncomfortable. It's a beacon ringing out with courage, in the midst of feeling different, to look deeper and see beyond our protective high fashion, cool contacts and swag moves. It's a daily habit requiring vigilance to treat others as we wish to be treated. Love is patient, love is kind - for all.

There is no wrong conclusion for Miley Cyrus - what she does is amazing in the context of mainstream culture, however, shouldn't we be reminded just how much society plays the same old message over and over again? Are we concerned only with ourselves or do we seek equality somewhere in our lives? What do we do with school bullying? How do we view immigration and culture clash? Where do we stand on rights for the environment etc etc etc? These are big questions, perhaps more than somewhat out of context for a mainstream MTV article yet "Same Love" and the power the performers bring to it definitely ask these questions - their music is a call to dig a little deeper. The downside is "deeper" translates into less views, less tweets and a greater bounce rate.

"It's our party and we can do what we want" certainly plays on all our phones filtering most of our landscape through our aviators, yet, it's good from time to time to remove the buds and see a bigger picture. The picture hiding behind Miley Cyrus' ass, the photo covered by 155 million views and the resonating lump in our throats quickly forgotten amidst the billions of "twerk" retweets.

Praise to Macklemore & Lewis for their courage and praise to Miley Cyrus for showing where most of us hide.

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