It's official: Paramore's latest video "Still Into You" will premiere on their official site at midnight tonight!

It's not clear whether it's a Pacific midnight premier or Eastern midnight premiere (a difference of 3 hours!) so fans will just have to keep their twitter and facebook channels open.

In a recent MTV article by James Montgomery, Haley Williams revealed that "Still Into You" was unquestionably the most personal song she had ever written, the kind of song she thought she would never write.

"I'm not one to write a lot of love songs, so it surprised me," she laughed. "And we got to the chorus, I remember asking Taylor [York] 'Is this too poppy? Can I do this? Can I sing it like this?' And I remember Taylor saying 'Well, do you like it?' And I was like 'I love it!' And he said 'Well, then who cares? Do it anyway!'" will also be having a live Q&A period with Paramore tonight at 5 p.m. ET (2.00 CET) for any fans in North American or die-hard crazies in Europe!

If you haven't heard their newest self-titled album Paramore you can still STREAM THE ENTIRE RECORD HERE - so cool!

Paramore will also be heading out on tour around the world in the coming months – check to find out when they’re near you!


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