Taylor Swift may look soft and embracing but when it comes to hurt feelings she has a sharp knife for ex-boyfriends. At the 2013 VMAs last night(Aug. 25), Taylor took a moment to thank "the man" who ultimately helped her win the moonman for Best Female Video with "Trouble."

Presented by the elusive robots of Daft Punk along with Pharrel Willams and Nile Rogers, Taylor gave BFF bestie Selena Gomez a quick hug before climbing onto the stage in her skin tight Herve Leger by Max Azria gown. Thanking the director and co-star of her "Trouble" video, Taylor stayed completely in her retro look sassy ways by dissing ex-boyfriend as the inspiration to the video win.

And who is the ex? Well, at the VMAs, the cameraman immediately panned to the calm and emotionless face of 1D's Harry Styles. Ouch! Actually, it's not confirmed who "the man" is however it certainly did look like Taylor was staring his way.

Is Taylor about to embark upon a celebrity mean streak?? What would that look like?

Taylor Swift accepts the award for Best Female ...

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