MTV Shows | I Used To Be Fat | Season 2

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[GALLERY | SUN 1830 CET] Paul longs to become a police officer, but his weight is holding him back. Yari is about to change all that.

[GALLERY] Janelle's traditional Mexican family involves frequent family gatherings and food. Can Janelle find a balance between family obligations and taking care of herself?

[GALLERY | SUN 1830 CET] "Happy Holly" addicted to fried and fatty foods although she secretly struggles with bottled up emotions that want her to break awy from her family's bad habits.

[GALLERY | SUN 1830 CET] Maddy's tough life led her to drinking and rehab, Now, will food addiction get the best of her? Can Maddy face her addiction and move forward with a heathly lifestyle?

[GALLERY | SUN 1830 CET] Sammy is the baby in his family where his overprotective mom does everything for him. He wants a fresh start, but first he needs to start making his own decisions.

[GALLERY | SUN 1830 CET] Latrice seems outgoing and funny, but inside, she feels abandoned by her mother. Her defensive attitude and secret binge eating threatens her success.

[Gallery] Lindsey is fighting for her own health with a mom whose stomach is stapled and a dad who refuses to change despite having diabetes and past kidney failure. Can she make peace with them and herself and make the changes for herself.

[Gallery] Terra's whole family loves to eat - one of their favorite pastimes is to climb into her mom's bed and eat ice cream while watching TV. But Terra's weight is making her feel isolated and unhappy. Can she find the strength to change, even if her family doesn't support her?