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[NEW GALLERY] SUN 2300 CET A battle royale breaks out after The Situation reveals to Jionni that he hooked up with Snooki plus Vinny and Pauly D pull the greatest prank in shore history.

[NEW GALLERY] SUN 2300 CET The Situation decides he can wait no longer to reveal "the truth" to Snooki's boyfriend. Pauly D, Vinny and Deena find it difficult to be the single roommates in the shore house.

[NEW GALLERY] SUN 2300 CET The cast tries to avoid a shark attack when fishing. JWOWW confronts Pauly D's stalker. Snooki sets her sights on Vinny when her boyfriend rejects her affections.

[NEW GALLERY] Watch Sun. 2300 CET Lust is creating fires at the Jersey Shore house, Snooki is being courted, Deena is pranked, Jwoww's skimpy outfit backfires.

[NEW GALLERY] Watch Sun. 2300 CET The Situation secretly gathers information to bring down one of his roommates -- and for once it isn't Snooki.

[NEW GALLERY] Watch Sun. 2300 CET Vinny returns and everyone celebrates. The Situation tries hard to be nice but ends up annoying the boys. Snooki struggles with an uncomfortable condition.

[NEW GALLERY] Watch Sun. 2300 CET The girls hire strippers for Pauly D and The Situation's wild birthday party plus the roommates go to Staten Island to kidnap Vinny-- but will he go back with them?

[NEW GALLERY] Watch Sun. 2300 CET The roommates struggle with Vinny's departure, Mike confronts his inner demons and Pauly gets the best birthday present of his life.

Vinny weighs his options: Should he stay at the Jersey Shore house or head home to Staten Island?

[GALLERY] SUN 2300 CET The roommates return from Italy but a drama storm is brewing as The Situation threatens to destroy Snooki's relationship with Jionni.