Not Afraid/Love the Way You Lie (Live)

Em makes his triumphant return by opening the VMAs and is joined by Rihanna.


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Em makes his triumphant return by opening the VMAs and is joined by Rihanna.

Lindsay Lohan makes a surprise appearance and gives the VMA host some advice before she gets onstage.

The crowd goes Gaga as the host does her best Lady Gaga impression while being surrounded by latex-clad dancers.

The talk show host and former 'American Idol' judge prepares to give out the first award of the night to one lucky lady.

Lady Gaga accepts the award for her video "Bad Romance" and gives a nod to the late Alexander McQueen.

The VMA host tells you how to vote for the dance-pop maven, nominated for her ultimate party video "Tik Tok."

Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Wee-Man and the cast of 'Jackass 3D' put on 3D glasses, show a clip from the upcoming movie and present the Best Rock Video nominees.

30 Seconds To Mars takes home the top prize for their rockin' video "Kings and Queens" and dedicate the award to their family and friends.

The fashion icon and sexy reality star confesses her "creepy" admiration for the pop sensation, and brings him out to perform a medley of his hit songs.

The international superstar is chased by a group of girls, then takes the stage to perform hits from 'My World 2.0.'

The dance-pop artist and R&B singer bring the legendary Usher to the stage for an epic VMA performance.

The R&B legend brings the house down with his latest hits and a red-hot dance performance.

The "California Gurl" tells the Trinidadian rapper she might meet her "future husband" at the VMAs before giving out the top prize for Best Male Video.

Katy Perry accepts the Moonman on Em's behalf for his video "Not Afraid," adding that the award is the perfect guy for Nicki Minaj.

The enigmatic house artist takes the stage and gets the crowd excited.

The VMA host badgers the R&B singer, who got a Best New Artist nod for his video "In My Head."

The 'Twilight' star and the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman brings out the English pop artist to perform on the VMA stage.

The English rockers perform their hit single from their debut album 'Lungs.'

The Gym Class Heroes frontman performs his first solo hit with the VMA house artist.

The MTV News correspondent tells us what's going down on Twitter: Eminem, VMA, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.

Jane Lynch, Amber Riley, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer -- who says he loves Lady Gaga -- stop by to give out the award for Best Pop Video.

Gaga screams with delight, apologizes for her heavy outfit and accepts the Moonman for her uncompromising clip "Bad Romance."

The stars of the upcoming thriller 'Unstoppable' bring out the pop country star to perform.

The pop country songstress performs the lead single from her upcoming album 'Speak Now' -- without any interruptions.

The MTV News correspondent runs down what's trending on Twitter: Taylor Swift, Kanye West, VMA and Lady Gaga.

The VMA host doesn't believe the Best New Artist nominee's hair is real, so she tries to steal it.

The dapper Canadian rapper performs his hit song with the help of fellow rapper Swizz Beatz and the queen of hip-hop soul, Mary J. Blige.

The 'True Blood' stars announce the winners of the professional VMAs, which highlight choreography, editing and direction, cinematography and art direction.

The R&B singer performs his hit song with the 2010 VMA house artist.

The VMA host decides to take a dip with Snooki, Mike "The Situation", Pauly D and J-Woww.

The 'Modern Family' actress gives out the Moonman for the Best Hip-Hop Video.

Eminem wins the award for his video "Not Afraid," Sofia Vergara accepts on his behalf.

Straight from the jacuzzi, the VMA host and the 'Jersey Shore' crew urge you to choose the Best New Artist winner. And Chelsea comes out of the tub with an extra bonus...

With over 1.3 million VMA-related tweets since the pre-show, tweeters are now talking about Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Kanye West's upcoming performance.

The actress/singer-songwriter and the R&B artist call the all-stars to the stage to perform "Nothin' On You," "Airplanes," and "The Only Exception."

Bruno Mars, B.o.B., Hayley Williams and Paramore come together for an epic VMA performance.

The Swedish singer-songwriter performs her hit song with the help of the VMA house artist.

The MTV News correspondent reminds viewers to follow his live stream for on-the-fly interviews and commentary.

The Aventura frontman and the adorable singer run down all the Best New Artist nominees this year.

The artists receives his Moonman and thanks Usher for being his mentor.

The stars of the upcoming romantic comedy 'Easy A' introduce the alt-rock legends for an explosive VMA performance.

Chester Bennington and co. perform the new single from their upcoming album 'A Thousand Suns' at the Griffith Observatory.

The ultra-fabulous artist takes the stage donning a throwback sheer catsuit from her "If I Could Turn Back Time" video.

Gaga takes home the most coveted prize of the night, hands her meat purse to Cher and announces the title of her new album: 'Born This Way.'

The comedian and host of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards gets a call from 'Jersey Shore''s Ronnie, who explains why everyone's mad at Kanye.

The rapper performs his new single from the upcoming album 'Dark Twisted Fantasy' and is joined by Pusha T and ballerinas.

The VMA host bids adieu to the exciting, star-studded evening. See you next year!

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