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Taking The Stage Season 2

Taking The Stage Season 2

Tyler returns center stage to Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts with a new bunch of talent ready to take his fame and glory as season 2 continues to follow the hearts, lives and drama of aspiring high school performers.

Taking the Stage is back for another season to capture all the drama,


Watch all of this season’s episodes here!

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Tyler returns center stage to Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts with a new bunch of talent ready to take his fame and glory as season 2 continues to follow the hearts, lives and drama of aspiring high school performers.

Taking the Stage is back for another season to capture all the drama, competition and relationships in the lives of the talented students at Cincinnati's famed, School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Last year's junior dance star, Tyler, returns for his senior year and is challenged by a whole new crop of talented hip hop rivals. Also new to the school is an aspiring rapper, a pop country singer and a brand new singer songwriter who steps into the shoes of the now graduated, Mia. We'll follow all of these kids as they balance the pressures of high school life while pursuing their dreams of becoming stars.

SUN 2000 CET



As the second-string quarterback on THS2’s famed football team, Alex gets the best of both worlds: all the perks (skipping classes, partying, cheerleaders), and none of the pain.

In his freshman year, Alex is determined to make the next four years as wild, crazy and intoxicated as possible.


Emily Silber is Broadway bound. A disciplined and extremely talented dancer, Emily hopes to become a professional performer after graduation. Already a respected hip-hop dancer in Cincinnati, Emily will prove to be a rival (and love interest) for Tyler at the school. Despite her vast talents, Emily struggles with "body image" issues. She'll have to overcome her own insecurities and distractions from boys in order to reach her professional dreams.


Like Mia last year, Adam is a driven singer/songwriter with his sights set firmly on success. After years of being home schooled, Adam has left Tennessee to come to the "big city" and surround himself with talented people and grow as a performer. Being good-looking and naturally charismatic, Adam will also be the center of many crushes at SCPA. He immediately catches the eye of shy sophomore and fellow singer/songwriter, Emily Sones.


Emily is a young singer/songwriter who uses her music to express herself emotionally. Despite her beauty, Emily overcame an eating disorder and often turns to her songwriting in order to vent. Emily wants to be a professional singer/songwriter and is hoping SCPA will give her the tools she needs to make that dream a reality. One of the toughest challenges for Emily at SCPA will be the boy drama that erupts when she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle with two of the new guys in school.


Carlton's goal in life is to be the next Marlon Brando, nothing short of a film legend. With talents in acting, singing and dancing, Carlton is a triple threat and will be a main rival to Tyler at SCPA, both in the auditions for "Fame" and for the attention of the school's girls. Carlton comes to SCPA a little unsure of himself because he hasn't had as much formal training. Carlton felt pressure to be a "jock" at his old school and he's excited to be in a place where being a performer is revered focusing on improving his craft, with hopes of one day conquering Hollywood.


Anna is a talented dancer who was diagnosed with severe Scoliosis and forced to have two titanium rods inserted in her spine. This surgery impacted Anna's dancing greatly, as it caused some limitations in her movement and flexibility. Despite this challenge, Anna works past the pain and prides herself on her ballet skills. Anna is a devout Christian and is "saving herself" for marriage. When sparks fly between Anna and Carlton, it not only jeopardizes her relationship with her boyfriend, Mike, but also tests her Christian morals.


With Ian, we'll be witnessing the birth of a professional rapper. Ian is a born entertainer and driven in his pursuit to become a rap star. Ian competes in rap battles in Cincinnati and has already released his own CD. Ian will collaborate with Tyler in hip-hop performances this year and earn the attention of a respected rapper, which could be his ticket to a recording contract.


After being rejected by Jive Records, Mia is still pursuing her dreams of getting a record contract, but has shifted direction from solo to playing with a band. Along with Aaron, Mia's new band is already playing packed gigs and building a loyal fan base. With a record producer planning to record an EP of the band's music, Mia must navigate this new "shared" artistic environment and band dynamic. Also, for the first time Mia will have to assume a "teacher" role when she is asked to return to SCPA to teach a Songwriting Class involving new students.


Aris is a returning senior this year and a veteran of the school's drama department. He's considered one of the top actors at SCPA. Aris hopes that his performance in "Fame" will earn him recognition outside of the school since he dreams of becoming a professional actor after graduation. Aris is also an accomplished hip-hop dancer and he's one of Tyler's "go-to" performers, as well as Tyler's best friend. As a self-professed "ladies man," he's the guy Tyler turns to for advice on all of his girl drama.


Kayla is a star in the ballet department at SCPA. Entering her senior year, Kayla is a favorite to land the key parts in all of the dance performances this year. She is fierce competition for the new girls entering the dance program at SCPA, where she rules the roost.


Kenneth is a senior this year, and although he's a drama major, his real love is singing. Before he graduates from SCPA, Kenneth hopes to get a recording contract and become a professional R&B singer. Living in a rough, inner-city neighborhood, Kenneth avoids the destructive influences around him by focusing on his strong religious beliefs. Kenneth sometimes preaches at his church and tries to spread a positive message to the local kids growing up in the ghetto.